The simple smart system

The world´s most innovative geothermal system.

Swiss Made

The future of geothermal energy use has begun.

The geothermal system from separatus is a complete solution with the unique splitpipe-technology.

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Technical information

Technical data

Pipe material: PE100 RC

Pipe diameter: 51 mm

Pipe wall thickness | partition wall: 3 mm | 2.8 mm

SDR-class: SDR 17

Pressure class: PN10

Flow: Re 2300 @ 160 l/min. (with water)




  • Alternative to air-source heat pump

  • Better feasibility - especially in heating system replacement

  • Less property damage than with conventional geothermal drilling

  • Significantly lower investment costs for the geothermal system


  • Quick and easy construction site installation

  • Better feasibility, even in difficult space conditions

  • Less destruction

  • Lower costs, less material and disposal costs

  • Lower equipment and tool costs



  • Alternative to air source heat pumps due to lower investment costs and better feasibility

  • Reliable planning - even in difficult conditions

  • Flexible hydraulics - optimum operating conditions even with short vertical loops

  • Professional support from separatus in planning and design

Do you need more information or want to become a partner of separatus?

Whether you are a drilling company, heat-pump installer, design company or interested party. Contact us and we will be happy to advise you on your requirements.

About us

We are united by decades of experience in the plastics industry and our passion for geothermal energy, which has awakened in us the desire to create a geothermal system with unprecedented benefits. We want to provide the drilling industry with an answer to the dominance of inefficient and emissive heating systems. In cooperation with other experts from science and industry, we have
succeeded in developing separatus into a revolutionary geothermal system. This is how the Swiss start-up separatus AG came into being.

We either produce the components ourselves or have them fabricated by selected manufacturers according to our exact specifications. In this way, we ensure that you receive the highest quality and reliability at all times. In addition to our in-depth know-how, our customers also feel our full dedication when we are at their side with help and advice.